Playella | Snakes by Christopher Kell

A light isolates a table where NATHAN and JACLYN are sitting. NATHAN, an unkempt young man, is slouched over a board game, staring at the board intently.  JACLYN is coolly gazing at him.

NATHAN: (eventually) These… things? Squiggly….curvy sort of things? What…? What…? What… (he’s stuck).

JACLYN: Spit it out, Nathan. Life’s too short.

NATHAN: I know they’re, like, called… something. (Slaps his forehead). I can feel sparks frying… frying my brain, but I can’t… I can’t…

JACLYN: Truth is, Nathan, I’ve never seen them before.

NATHAN: You’re kidding?

JACLYN: I swear, they weren’t there when we started.

NATHAN: Shit, they’re all over now!

JACLYN: Can’t get your drug-fucked head round that one, can you?     
(She puts a hand on his shoulder to steady him)   Snakes. They’re called snakes.

NATHAN: No shit? Snakes! Where’d they come from?

JACLYN: They’re part of the game, Nathan. You go up.

NATHAN: Up snakes….You sure?

JACLYN: Right to the top.


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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