Playella | Lehman Sisters by Eleanor Treagust

Two girls, Daisy (15) and Iris (17) are lying on their fronts facing each other, with a chocolate box, opened, in front of them.

DAISY: I think… I think I want that one. The shiny gold one. That’s okay, right?

IRIS: What if I want that one?

DAISY: There’s another one in the next layer.

IRIS: We can’t start the NEXT layer too! What would mum say?

DAISY: She doesn’t even know she’s supposed to get this yet. It won’t make much difference now.

IRIS: So, what? We give her what? It’s her birthday TOMORROW, and the shops are closed Sundays.

DAISY: We’ll say we ordered something. That it’s going to arrive later… A few weeks time or something. She falls for it every time.

IRIS: You are so shrewd.

DAISY: What they don’t know won’t hurt them.

DAISY and IRIS laugh.

IRIS: Can I have that one?

DAISY: No, that’s the last one in white chocolate, and I want it.

IRIS: I’ll tell dad!

DAISY: You can’t you fool. Then we’ll have to tell him what we did. And if he finds out, he’ll never trust us with his money again.

DAISY and IRIS stare at each other as the lights fade down. 


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
Would you like your mini masterpiece to be featured on our blog? Find out how.


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