Playella | Whispers by Andy Berriman

JON and TOM are in the dark of a West End Theatre. All is hush apart from the distant, affected bark of a typical ’stage voice’. Their faces illuminated only by light spill from the stage.

JON leans in to TOM. They don’t take their eyes off the stage the whole time.

JON: (whispers) Ahh I know his face. Where do I know his face from?


TOM: (whispers) Tele.


JON: (whispers) Which one, the white one or the black one?


TOM: (whispers) The white one is from Silent Witness. The black one is in Hustle.

Long pause.

JON: (whispers; totally confused) So…what’s going on???


TOM: (whispers) Silent Witness is a disabled racist. And Hustle is a care worker assigned to take care of him.


JON: (whispers) Oh…and where’s it set?


TOM: (whispers) In Silent Witness’ living room.


JON: (whispers; again, confused) How come he doesn’t have any chairs or cushions or ornaments or anything?


TOM: (looks down at the programme momentarily, whispers) I think it’s called ’black box’.

Long pause.

JON: (whispers) How much were these tickets again?


TOM: (whispers) Eighty five pounds.


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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One comment

  1. Christine Steenfeldt

    This made me laugh- please let’s see more of Jon and Tom!

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