Playella | Market Forces by Tom Jensen

A bustling street market in the East End of London. Vendors loudly advertise their wares.

Two pensioners, ELSIE and LOLA, are strolling along with their trolley bags and chatting.

ELSIE: So I says to ‘im, I says, Fred, you’re wastin’ your money investin’ in China. If you compares rates of return in the two markets, Latin America’s been outperformin’ China for the last six or seven years.

LOLA: You’re ‘avin’ me on, ain’t ya?

ELSIE: That’s what Fred says to me, ‘e says, You’re pullin’ me leg, ‘e says, China’s the fastest-growin’ economy in the world, ‘e says. But I shows ‘im the investment fund figures and ‘e changed ‘is tune then, I tell ya!

LOLA: Gor blimey! So… what sectors you talkin’ about, then, Elsie?

ELSIE: Ooh, all sorts, Lola, all sorts. Minin’, for starters.

LOLA: Oh yeah, lots o’ minin’ in Latin America.

ELSIE: Iron ore, tin, copper… All the minerals, see, to feed the Chinese commodity boom. But it’s everythin’ else, too. (Counts on fingers) You’ve got telecoms, retail…

They pause at the fish stall.

LOLA: ‘Ow about bankin’, then?

ELSIE: That’s what I says to Fred, I says, if you want a secure investment in financial services, put your money in Brazilian banks, I says.

LOLA: Oh yea, ‘ow come?

ELSIE: Well, it’s a huge growth area, innit? Bank lendin’ in Brazil, see, is only 30% of GDP, compared to 200% in the USA. So it stands to reason…

They move along to the fruit stall.

VENDOR:            Bananas, lovely bananas!


Read more from Tom on his website.

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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