Playella | Color by Sarah Kosar


Officer Pickett stands outside of school doors before students are finished for the day. He keeps looking back to see if the doors are opened.

Cindy stands in front of Officer Pickett and watches him look back at the doors. Cindy has a big red purse with sparkles around the handles.

Cindy punches Walter’s arm playfully.

Cindy: It’s pink, can you believe it? How darn cute? They just make everything in Walmart, don’t they!

Walter: Pink? I didn’t mean that. I didn’t mean pink. I thought they were all black.

Cindy: Yes, but you said it needed to be personal. (Beat) Oh, you don’t like it?

Walter: I think that’s a real good thing. You got to be safe. And that’s the safest thing to do. To get something like that. I just never saw that color. But you are a lady, and a lady has to have nice things. So if you think pink is nice, then so be it.

Cindy: You want to see?

Cindy starts to reach into her purse. Walter puts his hands up and starts to reach for her.

Walter: Here? No. Oh, Cindy. I don’t think I can allow you to do that.

Cindy: Don’t tell no one. I just was so excited, that I just threw it in my purse and since you said I should get it on Friday, well I thought, you’d want to know I did, you know right away to be safe, and you’d want to see it. I got over excited.

Walter comes closer to Cindy and leans in.

Walter: I do. But professionally, being an officer and all, I’ve got to stick to the law.

Cindy: Of course, Officer Pickett. Of course. I’m sorry. Oh god.

Walter: Nothing to be sorry about. Now, maybe I could take you out for a nice italian and take a look?

Cindy: Oh, Walter. I’d like that.

The bell rings and the doors open. Walter looks at Cindy, he smiles.

Walter: Ah, Nick should be out any minute. He’s a good kid. (Beat) I do like your pink gun, I do. Just make sure you get a black one for the boy.


Sarah’s play Hot Dog premieres at The Last Refuge from 12-17 March. More info.

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
Would you like your mini masterpiece to be featured on our blog? Find out how.


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