Q&A | Tessa Hatts | Actress, Hot Dog

In the run up to Hot Dog, we chat to the actors about new writing, absurdity and of course, the show itself.

Tell us about your character
My character is The Dog. I was very dubious about applying for this. When I heard that I had an audition, I moaned to anyone who’d listen that it was for a ninety year old American woman who thinks she’s a dog! Every single one of them immediately said, ‘Ooh yes, I can see you playing that’, including my mother…..

What challenges does an absurdist piece present for an actor?
I guess the challenge of an absurdist piece for the actors is to create and maintain the ‘reality’ of the unusual situation set up in the play.

Do you often work with new writing?
Yes, I do seem to encounter new writing really quite often. I tend to regularly go from new writing to Shakespeare and back again.

What’s your ideal hot dog?
Personally, my favourite hot dog would have a traditional long white bun, a proper fried British pork sausage, fried onions and a long squirt of tomato ketchup on it.

Why should people come see Hot Dog?
People should come and see Hot Dog because it is going to be enormous fun, it will move them and it will make them think, whatever age they are.

Hot Dog is at The Last Refuge from 12-17 March. More info


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