Q&A | Rebecca Crankshaw | Actress, Hot Dog

In the run up to Hot Dog, we chat to the actors about new writing, absurdity and of course, the show itself.

Tell us about your character
Carol is a relatively recent divorcee who has decided to move back home to help her sister care for their mother. She has taken some knocks in life, but still retains an optimistic point of view and takes her pleasures where she can find them. She has an open, affectionate nature, and a slightly sentimental way of looking at the world. Despite being older than her sister, she has a younger way of dealing with life.

What attracted you to Hot Dog?
The quality of the writing. Simple as that!

What challenges does an absurdist piece present for an actor?
I have to say that I don’t approach writing in that way. As far as I’m concerned, my job remains the same, which is to bring my character alive on stage by living in the moment and responding with truth to my fellow actors.

Do you often work with new writing?
The last two plays I have been in were new plays: Nina and Shaz by Laura McCluskey, and Dayglo by Abi Bown.

Why should people come see Hot Dog?
It’s a great script, which looks at a difficult but all too familiar domestic situation through a fresh lens.

Hot Dog is at The Last Refuge from 12-17 March. More info


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