Playella | Concrete Flowers by Keith Large

MRS CARVER is standing in the middle of the stage pointing to the floor when local builder ARCHIE OSBORNE enters from stage left.

MRS CARVER: Still cracked.

ARCHIE: I’m not replacing it until I’ve been paid.

MRS CARVER: And I’m not paying you until the job’s completed.

ARCHIE: Hold on I’ve shelled out twelve grand to landscape your new garden and I haven’t received a bean yet.

MRS CARVER: Beg your pardon, what was your coffee made of?

ARCHIE: Don’t make out you looked after the lads in drinks, you’d no sugar!

MRS CARVER: They shouldn’t have moaned I’d got no teabags.

ARCHIE: You’ll have no garden if you don’t pay me.

ARCHIE crouches down and starts feeling some flowers. MRS CARVER grabs him and pulls him away from the flowers.

MRS CARVER: Don’t you touch my plants.

ARCHIE: They’re growing in the soil I’ve supplied.

MRS CARVER: Which I will pay for when you replace this slab.

ARCHIE: That I can’t afford to replace until you pay me. So I’m taking my soil and selling it to buy a slab. But don’t expect your flowers to grow in concrete!

ARCHIE pulls up a flower and exits the stage with MRS CARVER following behind him trying to grab the flower from him.


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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  1. Tell me more…made me smile this morning. 🙂

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