Perfect Hot Dog

Hot Dawg

In anticipation of our new show Hot Dog, we’ve been thinking about the delicious American treat from which Sarah Kosar’s play takes its name. We’ve all eaten them, but what’s your idea of a perfect hot dog?

Some Hot Dog and Descent company share their favourites…

Sarah Kosar | Playwright
Good ‘ole American Oscar Mayer Wieners that are sold in a clear plastic film in the refrigerated area by the cheese. Not the British kind in the can! It’s got to be those long and skinny frankfurters with rounded edges and a watery residue in the bottom of the package. Frankfurter must be grilled and accompanied by a toasted bun. Finish off with only some beautiful Heinz ketchup. Also: it’s absolutely hypnotizing when buying a hot dog at the fair when it just rolls and glistens as it cooks. It’s actually very emotional.

Colleen Campbell | Script Reader
VEGGIE HOT DOGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!  Onions and mustard!!! MMMMM  Good one I had recently was in Berlin underground when changing lines!!!

Keziah Warner | Literary Manager & Hot Dog Co-Producer
Hot Dogs were such a treat when we were kids. Grilling the sausages would inevitably set off the smoke alarm. So charred pork sausage in white bun with margarine then grated cheese, fried onions and tomato relish. I always had more topping than the sausage could handle. Had one from the Coney Island stand where hot dogs were invented this summer, but still prefer my childhood original.

Faye Merralls | Artistic Director & Hot Dog Director
A proper hot dog is your traditional Frankfurter covered in bright yellow mustard in a chunky white bun. I bloody love sausages – in my first year of uni I had a sausage sandwich for breakfast everyday. But a sausage sandwich is very different to a hot dog: the ideal sausage sandwich is British Pork sausages, white bread, lots of ketchup. But no, when it comes to a hot dog, frankfurter and mustard is the ideal.

Rebecca Crankshaw | Actor (Carol)
Frankfurter in a long roll with mustard and sauerkraut. New York street style!

Steph Lodge | Producer & Hot Dog Casting Director
Frankfurter with ketchup/mustard or mayo, but not all 3 together! No onions detest the things, cheese yes please. Chilli beef could be good although never had, then of course sour cream and jalapenos a must with the chilli.

Need some Hot Dog inspiration? Why not check out these recipes, visit this bar and most importantly, COME SEE THIS SHOW!


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