Feb Descent Shorts Has Left The Building

And what a night it was! Over 170 people packed out the Cockpit on Thursday, to make it one of our best nights yet.

So now all that’s left to say is a massive thank you to everyone that was involved…

Writers James Aden, Joe White, Janice Hallett, Ian Kendall and Andrew Turner

Directors Kimberley Sykes, Josh Roche, Alice Malin, Dominique Gerrard and Faye Merralls

Actors Andrew McDonald, Kate Russell-Smith, Alistair Donegan, Porter Flynn, Sope Dirisu, Brooke Burfitt, Stevie Raine, Jack Baggs, Josie Catherine, Daniel Hall, Daisy Brydon, Robert Rowe, Robert Reina and Jan Hirst

Lighting technician Will Ingham

Photographer Emma Blackman

All the lovely staff of the Cockpit

And last but not least compere Tom Rosenthal

You all made the night incredible, thank you!

See you at the next one!

Love Faye, Steph & Keziah x


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