Playella | Sugary Pear Drops by James Aden

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.

Sugary Pear Drops by James Aden

Marion & Sadie, 60s, sit at the kitchen table. It is raining heavily.

Marion: Listen at that rain chucking down. Butterflies won’t be smiling.

Sadie: Swans could drown in this.

Marion: We’ll not be going out today.

Sadie: Weren’t we stopping in ?

Marion: Now we are.

Sadie: Were we going to somewhere ?

Marion: That’s why you slept over.

Sadie: Oh! I thought somebody had a birthday party looming.

Marion: We were getting the quick and early ride shuttle to Buxton for the waters remember.

Sadie: They’ll have more water now.

Marion: Hope they’ve a waterproof bucket.

Sadie: What for ?

Marion: Catching all them minerals.

Sadie: A babbling brook will never run dry as long as the men on mars keep crying.

Marion: Tears of charity rain. The sky’s a watering can the ground’s a collection box. Thirsty joints supping it up.

Sadie: They found a damaged swan dead, in the park, arrow straight through it’s neck. It reminded me of that Christian martyr that swan. Not Robin Hood.

Marion: He were a people’s hero Robin; not a martyr. Special praise come from above.

Sadie: Saint Stephen, that’s it.

Marion: He were stoned!

Sadie: He were pierced!

Marion: Sebastian you mean!

Sadie: On the cross with the many arrows?

Marion: Stephen were Jerusalem before Sebastian. He were Roman.

Sadie: Oh! He couldn’t have helped could he. Not being stoned.

Marion: Don’t cross your eyes, the wind’ll change.

Sadie: Would have been safer in Sherwood Forest that brilliant swan. No ruffians to hurt it there . Hooligans instead of heroes now.


James’ play Out the Back will be performed as part of Descent Shorts on the 7th February at the Cockpit Theatre in Marylebone. More info

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