Hot Dog by Sarah Kosar | Directed by Faye Merralls
Meet Maryanne’s mother: The Dog.
After years as her mother’s carer, Maryanne finally has a way out, leaving her sister Carol to take over. But the Dog has other ideas. Determined to force Maryanne to stay, the Dog is out of control. How much will the sisters put up with before something must be done?
Full details

Hot Dog will be performed at The Last Refuge in Peckham  from the 12-17 March. We will be operating on a profit-share basis. Rehearsals will be flexible around other commitments, but note you will need to be available Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th all day for tech/dress rehearsals.

**AUDITIONS: Sunday 27th & Monday 28th January.**

Available Roles:

The Dog – Playing age 65+ (Native/Strong American accent essential)
She takes advantage or her daughters kindness; expecting them to look after her after years of looking after them. Childish. Playful.

Maryanne – Playing age 35-50 (Native/Strong American accent essential)
Initially a loyal daughter, but after years of looking after her Mother, her patience is wearing thin putting their mother-daughter relationship on trial. It’s come to the point where she basically treats her mum as a dog… Intelligent woman whose life has stagnated somehow and something needs to change.

Michael – Playing age 35-50 (Native/Strong American accent essential)
Maryanne’s very dependable husband. He’s an all round good American guy. His character essentially supports the three female roles in the play. He just wants them all to be happy.

Carol – Playing age 30-40 (Native/Strong American accent essential)
Maryanne’s sister. Divorced. She has recently returned to live near the family home with her Mother, although has never had as close a relationship with her mum as her Maryanne does. She’s the daughter that got away but now is struggling with being divorced and feeling like a child again.

TO APPLY: Email with your Spotlight link and the name of the character you would like to audition for.


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