Faye directs for Festopia @ Theatre 503

Next week sees Little Pieces of Gold’s Festopia take over Theatre 503.


Festopia is a festival of new works in which playwrights imagine a utopian or dystopian future. Featuring eighteen new plays throughout the week, Festopia looks set to be a new writing treat of epic proportions.

The Descent team will definitely be heading down, of course always wanting to support new writing, but in this case we have an extra reason as our Artistic Director Faye Merralls is directing one of the pieces.

Faye is getting her directing teeth into Perfect Now by Jimmy Osborne. Jimmy is a previous Little Pieces of Gold writer and was commissioned to write a new piece for Festopia.

Perfect Now depicts Ami and Brett (played by Claire Marlowe and Chris O’Shea), a couple in a comfortable long-term relationship – a fact that they refuse to talk about. Now trapped in their own stagnation, it’s going to take something big (or even explosive) to snap them out of it. But how far will the couple go to reinvigorate their relationship?

Jimmy has taken the Festopia theme head on, walking the fine line between utopia and dystopia. Is Ami and Brett’s comfy-couple-unit blissful or miserable? Perfect Now looks at how small pockets of both can exist in our everyday world.

And if that isn’t enough to intrigue you, the props list for this piece includes firelighters, wine, weighing scales, electrical tape, fireworks and a bottle of mysterious pink liquid…

We can’t wait!

Perfect Now is showing on Tuesday 22nd and Friday 25th, but there are fantastic pieces worth checking out all week, not least Suzette Coon’s Our Children Will Be Next, an absurdist take on the consequences of capitalism on today’s children. Plus keep an eye out for Descent alumni Michael Ross and Ben Coren, also showcasing their wonderful wares.

See you there.

Festopia | 22-26 Jan | 7.45pm | £12/£10 (concs) | Theatre 503 | More info & buy tickets

PS A cheeky taster of Jimmy’s writing can be found on this very blog in the form of his playella, Same Old.


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