Playella | Snowfall by Sally Torode

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.


Snowfall by Sally Torode

A retirement home. A sliding glass door. Snow slowly falls outside.

PRAKASH: Come here. Look at this. What is it?

DEEDEE: It’s snow.

PRAKASH: Snow. Real snow?

DEEDEE: Of course real snow.

PRAKASH: I’ve only ever seen it on TV.

DEEDEE: How old are you?

PRASKASH: Eighty-six.

DEEDEE: And you’ve never seen snow? I don’t believe you.

PRAKASH: There is no snow in India, only the searing red heat of the sun.

DEEDEE: Well what are you waiting for, man? Get out there.

PRAKASH pulls back the door, tentatively steps out, holds open his hands.

DEEDEE: Well? How is it?

PRAKASH beams.            

PRAKASH: It’s… cold.


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Illustration by Guy Warner.

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