Playella | Mind the Gap by Katy Davies

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap by Katy Davies

Jeremy: This job. It’s not me. Maybe a cheese shop in Cornwall would be nice. Day in day out, barely see the light of day.

Recorded Tannoy: This is the (pause) 17:48

Jeremy: The cat has eaten all the bloody Whiskas. Better stop at the corner shop. Is two pouches a day too much? Eating me out of house and home. Maybe I’m over feeding.

Recorded Tannoy: South West trains service

Jeremy: Could do that passata and tortellini again that was quick. And easy

Recorded Tannoy: To (pause) Hounslow

Jeremy: Fry the onions and the garlic, careful not to burn them like last time. They just caught. Left a bitter taste.

Recorded Tannoy: Calling at (pause) Hounslow. The next stop is (pause) Hounslow.

Jeremy pauses, stares at the front page of the Evening Standard.

Jeremy: Media circus are at it again.

Doors open.

Recorded Tannoy: Please mind the gap

Phone rings.

Jeremy: Steve, mate, hi. Yes still on for tomorrow. Curry Night. Mate, just getting off the train. I’ll call you… (yells out)

Jeremy slips and falls.

Passenger alarm sounds.

Recorded Tannoy: Can the guard contact the driver



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Illustration by Guy Warner.

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