12.12.12: A look back at the year that was

Descent 2012 tiny party

It’s getting incredibly close to the end of the year and we’re so busy making plans for 2013, we almost forgot to take a second to look back at what we’ve done THIS year.

And what better day to do that, than 12.12.12?

So, in case you missed any of it, here’s a quick recap:
2012’s 4 events took place across 5 nights in February, April, September and November at The Old Vic Tunnels, Rich Mix and The Last Refuge. And into those 5 nights we managed to squeeze 49 actors, 23 plays, 22 playwrights, 14 directors, 3 comedians, 2 technicians and 1 choreographer.

We’ve had rats’ heads, advertising executives, psychotic daters, royal visits, mass genocide, prison breaks, dancing nudists and quite possibly the full gamut of human emotion.


And if our plans all go to, er, plan 2013 is set to be even bigger and better.

Thanks so much to everyone who has taken part this year and everyone who is about to dive into the future with us.

We’re going to have a tiny party now (approx 23 mins) before getting straight back to work!

Watch this space for what’s coming up in January and beyond.

Love from,
The Descent Team

PS All tiny party jukebox suggestions welcome.


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