Playella | Same Old by Jimmy Osborne

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.

Same Old by Jimmy Osborne

BOBBY and KENNY at the bar.

BOBBY: It’s my round.  Do you remember Marcus? Marcus? Tall bloke. Always a hit with the ladies. You remember? Had his own flooring business. Very successful. He’d have a laugh with us. A real joker. What was it he’d call you? Everytime. Everytime he saw you. What was it? You’d blush like ketchup. In front of everyone. Ha. Sharp one was Marcus. Do you remember him?

KENNY: I remember.

BOBBY: Every time he saw you. Died, week last Thursday. Dropped dead in the street. Do you remember him? Dead, just like that.

KENNY: You’re sure?

BOBBY: Awful isn’t it?

KENNY: Put your money away, I’ll get this round.


You can read more from Jimmy on his blog.

Illustration by Guy Warner.

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  1. Paul Townsend.

    Nice line in black northern humour. Like it a lot.

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