Theatre Uncut 2012

We’re very excited to announce that we will be taking part in this year’s Theatre Uncut.

Theatre Uncut is a fantastic initiative which commissions playwrights all over the world to write a short play in response to the current state of the world around them. The resulting plays are then made available for anyone to perform anywhere in the world rights-free for one week only.

We will be presenting rehearsed readings of six of this year’s plays next Sunday 18th November at The Last Refuge in Peckham.

The plays are…

The Price by Lena Kitsopoulou (Greece) 
translated by Aliki Chapple
A searing Greek comedy set in a world of extreme austerity, where absolutely everything has its price.

In the Beginning by Neil LaBute (USA)
A domestic take on the Occupy movement in the USA, discussing hope and holding onto what you believe in.

Spine by Clara Brennan (UK)
A tender musing on the real cost of closing our libraries.

The Breakout by Anders Lustgarten (UK)
A brick falls out of a cell wall, offering its inmates a view of the potential of the world beyond the bars.

The Birth of My Violence by Marco Canale (Spain) 
translated by Rob Cavazos
A personal meditation on theatre’s relationship with the burning passions that drive the act of protest.

Dalgety by David Greig (UK)
A response to the most recent arrest of activist Stephen Gough that takes us back to the origin of being.

All cast and directors to be announced. More details will be on the website soon.

For more information about Theatre Uncut, visit their website.


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