Blog Launch

Our blog is launching next week!

It’s going to cover all things Descent as well as lots of other new writing goodness. Here’s a bit more about what you can expect and how you can be involved.

What’s New
A weekly roundup of all the best new writing shows and events that are happening in London and beyond, so you can see everything that is good in theatre ever.
If you would like your show to be included in What’s New just send us an email.

Interviews with the Descent team
Starting out with us lovely people who run the company but then foraging onwards to the writers, directors and actors involved in our events. Get to know a bit more about us and how we handle hard-hitting questions a Newsround press-packer would be proud of.

Profiles of our favourite playwrights including quotes and facts and probably some biog. Because a little bit of hero worship never hurt anyone.

Remember the first time you saw/read/worked on that play and it was just so wonderful you knew you’d remember it forever? Us too. So we’re going to write about it here and share the emotional joy.
Do you remember your first time? Email us about it! Strictly Safe For Work please.

Playellas are our series of tiny plays; twelve lines of dialogue-driven pint-sized perfection to give you a theatrical quick fix.
Think you’ve got a pocket play up your sleeve or indeed anywhere else about your person? Send it to us and we’ll publish it on the interwebz! Here are the rules for writing your own Playella.

PLUS lots more things that don’t even exist in our minds yet. We’re so excited!

All blog submissions and enquiries to Keziah please. She be the girl with the password.


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